Dr. Sharon Anderson, Veterinarian & Owner of MVC

Dr. Sharon Anderson is a South Texas farmer’s daughter from Sebastian, Texas who has been a Houston resident since 1984. She graduated from Texas A&M University undergrad in 1977 with a Bachelors in Biomedical Science, then earned her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1980. She began her career in cattle reproduction and large animal embryo transfer in the early 80’s. Dr. Anderson’s hidden talent is her ability to rope off a horse and catch a calf! Outside of the office, she loves to dig in the garden, is an avid golfer, loves saltwater fishing, and likes to shoot clays. She is fortunate to have her four adult married children and grandchild in Houston, family time is cherished. She warmly says, “Opening MVC in 2013 took a huge leap of faith. It’s my pride and joy after working for others for so many years. I’m excited about the great team that coming together now.

“I always wanted to be a Veterinarian; I love what I do – I love the clients and cherish their pets like my own.”

Dr. Morgan Baskin, Veterinarian

Dr. Morgan Baskin, B.S., M.Z.S., D.V.M., is originally from Plano, Texas and has been a resident of Houston since 2003. She has been a Veterinarian for over 15 with 2 years in emergency veterinary medicine care. She earned her Bachelor of Science, Master of Zoological Studies, and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University. Her special interests are in Dermatology and Internal Medicine. Dr. Baskin knew she wanted to be a Veterinarian since she was 5 years old. We think Dr. Baskin is amazing with our clients and she’s greatly appreciated.

“I love that MVC is a state-of-the-art hospital, but still maintains a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The patients are treated with the highest quality medicine and the owners are treated like friends.”

Dr. Allison Dees, Veterinarian

Dr. Allison Dees, D.V.M. was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana. From a young age she fostered a great love of all animals, but especially dogs, cats and horses. This love of animals, combined with a passion for science, inspired her to become a veterinarian. In 2004, she graduated from Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating, she stayed in Louisiana to practice veterinary medicine for a year before moving to Austin for 3. She moved to Houston in 2009 and has been practicing here since. Her special interests include internal medicine, soft tissue surgery and ophthalmology. In her spare time, she really enjoys knitting, jogging, bike riding and salsa dancing!

“I feel so very fortunate to be a part of MVC. It is a wonderful team, where everyone is dedicated to providing our dear patients with the best care. I love having the opportunity to be able to help people with their pets!”

Sarah Khayal, Clinic Manager

Sarah Khayal (Clinic Manager) is a Houstonian from birth and would never live elsewhere. She holds a Master’s in business and a Master’s in healthcare and a Bachelors in biochemistry. From a young age she was surrounded by cows, horses, chickens, geese, and dogs. She is happily married and has 2 young kids that she just adores. In her spare time, you can find her at the playground goofing off with her family. Although she is a new addition to the clinic, she has made a great impact already.

“I’m so excited to be working with such a great team! I love that we treat all our patients with the best level of care and the maximum amount of love.”

Rainy Alcaraz, Lead Vet Tech

Rainy Alcaraz (Lead Vet Tech) is a native Houstonian hailing from the Bellaire area. She earned her Associates in Science from the Vet Tech Institute of Houston. She has been a Veterinary Technician since 2010 and a member of the MVC family since 2016. Rainy is obsessed with King Charles Spaniels, Hello Kitty, and video games. She’s a gem in our clinic and an excellent technician.

“It has been such a joy to get this wonderful opportunity to work at such a beautiful clinic with great people.”

Gary Jones, Licensed Vet Tech

Gary Jones (Licensed Vet Tech) is originally from Waller, Texas and has lived back and forth between Waller and Houston his entire life. He volunteered at the SPCA during school then continued to work there for 3 years. He did his externship at a rehabilitation clinic then gave emergency medicine a try for 3 years. Gary graduated in 2010, with an Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from the Vet Tech Institute of Houston. Gary loves horses so much that he owns two himself, he’s an avid trail rider, his favorite color is magenta pink, and has appeared on his favorite TV show Animal Cops Houston several times. Keep an eye out for Gary! We love Gary’s positive demeanor and excellent work ethic. He keeps our team laughing through the day.

“I have helped animals my entire life and I have seen them at their best and at their worst. I can barely describe the satisfaction and joy I feel when I am helping those who need it most. Rottweilers are my favorite; they have such an amazing amount of loyalty and intelligence and I will always have one or twelve!”

Shannon Gerber, Vet Tech/Materials Manager

Shannon Gerber (Vet Tech/Materials Manager) is originally from Minnesota but has been in Houston for about 10 years now. She’s been in the veterinary field since 2001. She starting her career at a small animal clinic in Minnesota, then moved into a specialty clinic and then low-cost vaccine clinic in Houston. She took a few years off to pursue pet sitting. Shannon is thoroughly enjoying being back in the clinic setting and being part of a team. Shannon attended the Minnesota School of Business and graduated with an Associates of Animal Science in Veterinary Technology. She is a mother of 3 human babies and 5 fur babies (3 cats and 2 dogs), all of which are rescues. In addition to her patient care we rely on Shannon for all supply orders and she always goes above and beyond. Shannon is a gem and makes all our patients feel comfortable.

“I love all breeds of animals but dogs are my favorite! Caring for animals has always been a passion of mine and it’s very rewarding. I feel fortunate to work with a group of people who feel the same way I do.”

Sarah Barrios, Vet Tech

Sarah Barrios (Vet Tech) was born and raised in Los Angeles, California but relocated to Houston in 2016. Sarah has always been surrounded by animals, but she didn’t truly realize her love for fur babies until age 8 when she got her first little kitten. Her love grew as she got older and started her career at a doggie daycare facility then moved on to pet sitting. Sarah came onboard at MVC in August 2016 and she has grown in so many ways. Sarah is so very tender with the animals and her love for them is so apparent. Sarah’s smiling face lights up any room and calms the most nervous patient.

“I love cats! All type of cats! I really enjoy helping the pets that come into the clinic and working with the amazing team we have here at MVC.”

Bianca Melchor, Vet Tech

Bianca Melchor (Vet Tech) is a native Houstonian and loves her city. She has worked with Dr. Anderson for almost 10 years now and they have grown a strong bond. Her love for animals started from a young age when her parents got her a dog and a cat for her 12th birthday! She started working with animals in 2002 and became a vet nurse in 2004. When not caring for fur babies you will find her at the latest concert or at a buzzing food festival! She is daubed our clinic ‘Foodie.’

“I believe all animals are amazing but I am definitely a cat person. I love being able to care for them and bond with their owners. Seeing my returning clients puts the biggest smile on my face!”

Itzela Cardona ‘Izzy’, Vet Tech

Itzela Cardona ‘Izzy’ (Vet Tech) was born and raised in Houston but her family is originally from Mexico. Her love for animals started at a very young age when she used to watch Animal Planet with her siblings. She loves nursing dogs/cats back to health and getting them set up on preventative care. She makes lasting connections with both clients and patients here at MVC. Izzy is a proud mama to a Rottweiler/Lab that her dad got her when she was 14 years old.

“Big breeds are my favorite, especially Rottweiler. A lot of people are afraid of them, but they are actually very kind and caring. As a child I had no fear when it came to animals and always gravitated towards them – even when it wasn’t the best idea. I feel very lucky to work in an environment where I can, not only care for the animals, but also learn a little more about them every day.”

Dora Hernandez (Veterinary Technician)

Dora Hernandez (Veterinary Technician) was born in ‘windy city’ -Chicago, Il, however she grew up in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. She is fluent in Spanish which is a great help for our Spanish speaking clients. Dora then moved to Houston in 2013 so she could attend Vet Tech Institute, where she obtained her associates of applied science in 2015. Dora has a house full of fur babies: a 12-year-old Shep/Lab mix, a 3-year-old Lab mix, and a 2-year-old Domestic medium haired cat. When she isn’t working you will find her at the billiard table breaking the rack, or at a dog park.

“Mixed breeds tend to be the ones I gravitate to the most! I fall in love with a lot of the rescues that come into the clinic. Being able to help in their recuperation is the main reason why my job is so great. That and being able to work in the surgery suite.”

Debbie Ybarra, Certified Vet Tech

Debbie Ybarra (Certified Vet Tech) is originally from Texas City and has living in Houston for over 20 years. She has been in the veterinary field her whole life. She has been a pet owner from a young age which nurtured her love of animals. She is always looking to help all animals in need. She previously worked at the Galveston Animal Shelter prior to relocating to Houston. She is a Certified Level I Vet Tech Assistant. Debbie loves meeting new people and her contagious laughter is heard throughout our clinic.

“I love everything about my job! What’s not to love? I get to play with animals all day and I have the best teammates!”

Desman Sandoval, Kennel Tech

Desman Sandoval (Kennel Tech) has been living in Houston since 2011 but was born in Honduras. He started his veterinary career with MVC in 2015. We joke that Desman has a farm because he has birds, cats, dogs, and turtles. He has a great love for animals especially freshly bathed pups! He makes bath time enjoyable and almost spa like by singing and having lavender scented oil plug ins. On the weekends you can catch Desman firing up the dance floor doing the salsa or the merengue.

“I have learned so much being part of the MVC family. I get the most satisfaction when my clients are super excited to play with their freshly bathed fur babies!”

Sonya Pursell, Client Services Representative

Sonya Pursell (Client Services Representative) is originally from Guam but has been a Houston resident for over 20 years. After trekking the jungles of Guam, she realized her love for animals and has been in the veterinary field for over 20 years. She started as a kennel assistant, moving to vet technician, then to client services. She is passionate about educating and connecting with clients as well as animals. She earned her Associates in Science from Lone Star College. She has 3 beautiful kids that she loves dearly. In her spare times she enjoys Spartan Races, cooking, and working out. Sonya is our “class clown” of the clinic and we all enjoy her contagious enthusiasm.

“What I love most about MVC is my wonderful work family and our main goal of teamwork.”

Connor Metoyer, Client Services Representative

Connor Metoyer (Client Services Representative) is originally from Alexandria, Louisiana but moved to Houston when she was only 6 years old! She is a new addition to the MVC family but is making herself right at home. Connor graduated from UT -SA with a bachelor’s in Public Health and Epidemiology. Connor’s biggest fan is Sam he is a 3-year-old schnauzer mix and he is her world. On the weekends you can find Connor at the latest art convention or hip music scene. We love Connor’s contagious positive attitude and our patients do too!

“I love small breeds! Anything tiny and fluffy has my name written all over it. My favorite thing about working with animals is showing them love and making them feel calm in a stressful environment. Since starting at MVC, I have learned so much from everyone around me. Knowledge is power!”

Jenni Fagg, Client Services Representative

Jenni Fagg (Client Services Representative) was born and raised in Houston and she never wants to live anywhere else! She was born into a fur loving family and has had fur babies her entire life. She is passionate about rehab, rescue, spaying and neutering. She is a sucker for a good rescue story! Jennie joined MVC in 2017 from another clinic. Prior to entering the veterinary world Jenni was in the culinary community as a professional chef. We love when she brings us some yummy bites that she has created!

“Who doesn’t love a good rescue story? Rescues are my absolute favorite! Befriending an ‘aggressive’ rescue animal warms my heart. I really appreciate how much work MVC does for rescue groups and how much they give back to the community, especially with The Empty Shelter Project.”