My 13lb. 10 year old Schnauzer, Bibi, has been a patient of Dr. Baskin’s for the past couple of years since I moved into the area. I was never unhappy with my previous vet, but as Mom’s to our beloved creatures, we are always concerned to make changes, not knowing how the relationship with Bibi’s new doctor might be. I found Dr. Baskin very thorough, very knowledgeable, and of the utmost importance, very honest. I could sense Dr. Baskin’s love and care for the animals, and in addition, her attentiveness to me, to make sure I understood completely what the medical issues are and how to treat them. I feel very fortunate to have my dog in the care of Dr. Baskin, and will remain a happy mom knowing Bibi is in great hands. Thank you Dr. Baskin.

On behalf of Catalina, Grizzly and I, we would love to thank the genuine help that we have received from this Incredible office! Everyone has been a great help in education, recommendations and great prompt service! Not to mention Dr. Baskins going the extra mile with Grizzly made a huge impact on us! Highly recommend this office to anyone. Thank you from all of us!

Dr. Anderson is not only an amazing and compassionate person, but she’s also one of the few people that I completely trust with both my personal dogs and fosters. I take in the worst of the worst, sick and injured dogs from animal control. Time and time again, I’ve had a difficult case where most vets would’ve just euthanized the dog. Dr. Anderson’s surgical and diagnostic skills have proven invaluable in saving these dogs lives and getting them healthy, so they can find a loving home. I highly recommend her services!

Aimee W.
Miniature Pinscher Rescue Houston

SHE IS AMAZING!!!! I LOVE HER!!!! Dr. Anderson has been taking care of my animals for 22 years and I wouldn’t taken them to any one else. She is the so sweet and amazingly kind. She is very knowledgable and update on new techniques. Most dogs hate going to the vet, but my dogs love going to see her. Im very lucky to have her as my veterinarian.

Brooks L.
Pet Owner