Your Pet’s Home Away from Home

We know that your pets are members of your family and that it is difficult to leave them behind when you travel. At Memorial Veterinary Clinic, we understand the need to have someone you trust caring for them while you are away. That’s why our trained and dedicated kennel staff will tend to your friends’ needs and care for them as if they were our own pets. What’s more is we are more than happy to treat your pet to a soothing medicated bath for optimal cleanliness and comfort!

Pet Boarding

When your pet enters our clinic, he or she will be examined by one of our technicians. The technician will check your pet’s general appearance, including teeth, ears, eyes and skin. For the safety and well-being of all our patients, any sign of fleas or ticks found during the boarding examination will prompt our technicians to treat the condition at the owner’s expense. Our goal is to maintain a pest-free environment for everyone! We also require all boarding pets to be current on their vaccinations and physical examinations. If your pet is due, vaccinations and a physical examination will be administered by one of our veterinarians upon admission.

During your pet’s stay, our kennel attendants will feed, water and walk him or her twice daily. All accommodations are also cleaned and sanitized at least twice daily—or more often, if needed. We invite you to bring your pet’s regular food along with you, but if you prefer, we feed our canine and feline guests Royal Canin Gastro-Intestinal, to help with sensitive stomachs. Our staff is also trained to administer medications to pets for an additional fee. We also offer extra-care boarding and baths too!

While many pets are calm and relaxed during their stay with us, some pets may become stressed due to the unfamiliar environment. In the case your pet becomes ill or develops a problem during his or her visit, one of our doctors will be able to provide an examination and begin any necessary treatments immediately.

Grooming Services

We provide a wide array of pet grooming and bathing services! With our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled team, we will make your pet look their very best while taking special care to put them at ease during all pet spa services. Grooming services can be scheduled with an overnight reservation or by daily appointment. Our professional groomer and bathers take special pride in working with each pet they groom.